Would exercise help get rid of cellulite?

Would exercise help get rid of cellulite?

From what I've looked up, it seems that none of the oral medicines or creams used to treat cellulite have gone through proper scientific journals, so we can assume that they don't actually work.

As everybody says, diet and exercise should help the problem, and this comes highly recommended by me. Of course, it's always good to eat healthy and to exercise. Doing so will not only help with your cellulite, as eating healthy and exercising should also make you feel better about life in general.

However, as far as treating cellulite goes, it seems like exercise and a good diet will only go so far. The medicinal cures for cellulite don't work, but there are some mechanical techniques that have been shown to help. One of them is lymphatic draining massages, which seems to be a very useful technique. The technique goes something like this: you lay on your back and expose the areas of your body with cellulite. Then, someone slaps the areas with cellulite with their open palms, while occasionally breaking and rubbing the skin in a circular motion. The total amount of time spent slapping the skin in a session should be about 2 minutes. You can have this done professionally, but it seems so easy and would probably be unnecessarily costly to pay for it, so perhaps you can just get a friend or family member to do it? Usually it will take a few sessions before you notice the difference, but it should be very effective if done enough times! Probably there is more information you can find online if you want more specific information (such as how often this is usually administered).

What should happen, is the massage will stimulate fluid in those areas to be drawn into the capillaries. Thus, the appearances of cellulite will go away. This won't cure the problem forever, as it will eventually come back, but if you do this type of massage relatively regularly you should be set completely.

Hopefully this is helpful!

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