Trouble getting words out/finding the right words

Trouble getting words out/finding the right words

I'm right there with you. I think this part of MS is what scares my DH the most. I forget words or say boat when I mean car or get the letters mixed up vocally.

I was reading an article that made all of this easier for me to handle. Perhaps it might some of you as well. I'm sorry I didn't keep it as a reference.

Anyway, it was talking that the corpus collosum is the transmiter in the brain.

For instance we all know that one side of the brain is for thinking more the artsy side. the other is for action.

But, some things take both thinking and action. Like talking; you think of the word then actively speak it. Well, the corpus collosum transfers the word from thinking to speaking.

Those of us who have lesions on the corpus collosum sometimes have message delays. We're thinking but we spit it out before the brain can quite get it transmitted, thus saying the wrong word. Or, we're having trouble coming up with the word in the first place so it can't be transmitted.

Sometimes, if I try hard to slow down it works out better, there may be a pause before I speak the messed up word but I can get it out. Then, there are other times I'd have to be so slow that the conversation will be on a totally different topic before it comes out. LOL

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